my saxophone Ola, User Experience Designer - Poznan (Poland)

The one thing you don’t want to live without is..?
My Saxophone.

Since when do you have your “one thing” and where did you get it from?
I got it from my 18 year old saxophone teacher round about two years ago. He is really young, but super talented and works really hard. After a trial lesson i had immediately the feeling sax is a perfect instrument for me and he is the right teacher. He was in a musical Highschool and started studying music at uni.

What does it mean to you?
I got it when I was in the need of finding a new passion. It was a great relief to soak into the new hobby. I like that I have to play with my whole body, my mouth, chest, fingers. I haven’t felt that connected with an instrument before. To practice for my one gives me a feeling that i do something just for me. At the moment I just play alone because I think I’m not good enough yet to play with others.

How often do you use it?
I use it about three times a week.

What is your name? Where do you live? What is your profession?
My name is Aleksandra, but people call me Ola. I live in Poznan. I work as a User Experience Designer.