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I ask people all around the world a simple question:
What is the one thing you don’t want to live without?

About us and the project

In 2018, Jasmin Mittag started capturing individuals with their favorite objects to inspire thoughtful reflection. First Jasmin asks people from her environment: What is the one thing you don’t want to live without? Then she portrayed local people with their one thing whenever she went traveling. Around 80 photo portraits have been taken worldwide so far.
Tej Naga joined to support the project in 2023 as Creative Media and Marketing Coordinator. Together they bring the project’s message of sustainability, cultural awareness, and personal reflection to the world. They currently offer various supporting programs around the exhibition. In addition to the photo exhibition, Jasmin gives talks about the project and workshops about minimalism as a lifestyle.

Rent the exhibition and book talks

Want to inspire people in your city, organization, or company? Book a talk or a workshop with Jasmin, the initiator of the one thing project. We also rent out the one thing photo exhibition. The exhibition encourages visitors to reflect on questions like: What do I really need? What is important to me in life? It opens up the worlds of conscious consumption, minimalism and sustainability. You can expect an impressive variety of objects from you participants, with unique and fascinating stories behind them all.
Jasmin believes minimalism can inspire everyone. Her view of minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean that less is more; instead, it provides a framework for focusing on what is most essential to us. Utilizing this background, Jasmin gives talks and workshops on topics such as: her encounters with people and their favorite objects, minimalism as a lifestyle, her perspective on consumer society, etc. 

Press & Media

It is our goal to make conscious consumption, sustainability and minimalism topics of conversation. That’s why we’re happy about the distribution of the one thing project in any form. 

We are open to publishing photo series from the project in magazines and are happy to provide you with photo licenses. Jasmin, the initiator of the project, also enjoys giving interviews and reporting on her encounters with the people portrayed, her life as a minimalist, and her perspective on consumer society.

Are you interested in reporting on the one thing project for your channel, podcast, or magazine? We look forward to inquiries. Simply contact us with your request using the contact form or via email:

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