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About us and the one thing project

In 2018, Jasmin Mittag started capturing individuals with their favorite objects to inspire thoughtful reflection. At this time, she was organizing a minimalism roundtable event in her hometown in Germany, where the group discussed getting rid of their stuff.
One day, the question came up: But what do I want to keep? What is really important to me? So, Jasmin thought it would be interesting to ask people from different cultures what one particular object holds special meaning in their lives. That’s how this international project, the one thing, was born.

Photo portraits from around the world

At first, Jasmin asked the people around her: What is the one thing you don’t want to live without? Then, she began to portray local people with their one thing wherever she went traveling. Around 80 photo portraits have been taken worldwide thus far. The background, age, and professions of the people involved in this project are very diverse. The answers, and especially the stories behind them, are all unique, and often surprising, fascinating, and touching. The portraits open up a conversation about personal values and conscious consumption. That’s why the intention of this project is directly linked to Jasmin’s commitment to minimalism as a lifestyle.

The photo exhibition 

In February 2020, Jasmin showcased a large photo exhibition on the project in the New Town Hall in Hanover, with motifs from Hanover and the twin cities Hiroshima, Poznan, Perpignan, Leipzig and Bristol. The exhibition is now on the move and can be rented anywhere.

The project today

Tej joined to support the project in 2023 as Creative Media and Marketing Coordinator. Together they bring the project’s message of sustainability, cultural awareness, and personal reflection to the world.
They currently offer various supporting programs around the exhibition. In addition to the photo exhibition, Jasmin gives talks about the project and workshops about minimalism as a lifestyle. Please see our booking page for more information.

Meet the team

Jasmin Mittag, Creator of the one thing project

Jasmin is an activist and artist from Germany. She discovered minimalism as a lifestyle for herself in 2015 and then immediately started organizing the minimalism roundtable in her hometown to regularly exchange ideas with like-minded people. Since 2021 she has been a digital nomad and reduced her belongings to two small pieces of luggage. In her German podcast show “Minimalismus JETZT!” she reports on her experiences in getting rid of her stuff, her insights from dealing with other minimalist topics and her life as a digital nomad. Jasmin also gives workshops and writes about minimalism for various media.

Tej Naga, Creative Media and Marketing Coordinator

Tej Naga joined the project in Fall 2023. An American turned world traveler, Tej understands the universal power of connection and reflection. Initially beginning her journey as a corporate English language teacher in Japan, her heart led her to drop everything to dream bigger. In the summer of 2022, she began backpacking through Southeast Asia, soon developing faith to uncover her true passions while embracing a nomadic lifestyle.
Currently, she assists heart-centered, vision-led solopreneurs with social media management and copywriting, bringing them greater ease in business. It’s her goal to help amplify the mission of the one thing project on a global scale!

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