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Rent the exhibition and book talks

Want to inspire people in your city, organization, or company? Book a talk or a workshop with Jasmin, the initiator of the one thing project. We also rent out the one thing photo exhibition. Get in touch for more details. 

Rent the exhibition

The one thing exhibition shows portraits of people and their favorite objects. The starting point of the project is a simple question: What is the one thing you don’t want to live without? The exhibition encourages visitors to reflect on questions like: What do I really need? What is important to me in life? It opens up the worlds of conscious consumption, minimalism and sustainability. You can expect an impressive variety of objects from you participants, with unique and fascinating stories behind them all. In fact, the answers to this question may even be surprising, and often touching.

The exhibition can be designed flexibly. It is advisable to create an interaction area where material can be laid out and visitors can write down on a piece of paper what their own one thing is. We are happy to help you create a program around the exhibition.

Book a talk or a workshop

Jasmin started the one thing project in 2018 to inspire people to think about what is really important in their lives.You may know Jasmin as the author of the Minimalism Manifesto with 11 principles for a conscious living. Minimalism has been a part of her life for about 10 years now. At this point, she’s consolidated most of her stuff and travels as a nomad with only two pieces of luggage. Jasmin believes minimalism can inspire everyone. Her view of minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean that less is more; instead, it provides a framework for focusing on what is most essential to us.

Utilizing this background, Jasmin gives talks and workshops on topics such as: her encounters with people and their favorite objects, minimalism as a lifestyle, her perspective on consumer society, etc. Let’s discuss the details of your event and how exactly we can support you. 

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Jasmin Mittag, Creator of the one thing project

Jasmin is an activist and artist from Germany. She discovered minimalism as a lifestyle for herself in 2015 and then immediately started organizing the minimalism roundtable in her hometown to regularly exchange ideas with like-minded people. Since 2021 she has been a digital nomad and reduced her belongings to two small pieces of luggage. In her German podcast show “Minimalismus JETZT!” she reports on her experiences in getting rid of her stuff, her insights from dealing with other minimalist topics and her life as a digital nomad. Jasmin also gives workshops and writes about minimalism for various media.



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