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rent the exhibition

As part of the “the one thing” project, more than 80 photo portraits have been taken all over the world. The exhibition shows 30 portraits of people and their most important objects. The starting point of the project is a simple question: What is “the one thing” you don’t want to live without? The subjects portrayed on essential questions about pondering an object that they do not want to do without: What do I really need? What is important to me in life? Behind them are the worlds of “conscious consumption”, “minimalism” and “sustainability”. The variety of objects is very impressive, the stories behind them are unique and interesting. The answers to the question about your favorite item are fascinating, surprising and often touching.

The exhibition can be set up flexibly. It is advisable to create an area for interaction in which the material can be laid out and visitors can write down on a piece of paper what their “one thing” is. The consumables and the application for the exhibition via the homepage and social networks are included in the fee.

Exhibition elements:
30 banners made of fireproof material, each 80 x 65cm
1 cover made of fireproof material for a table (from a beer bench set) 220 x 50cm
1 mesh banner for flexible attachment “what is your one thing?” 250 x 100cm
1 rollup display as an announcement 200 x 100cm
Materials such as postcards, stickers and notes to fill out

Basic rental price (2 weeks) *: € 500 + tax
per additional week: € 50 + tax
(Discount for non-profit organizations on request)
plus shipping if the exhibition is not picked up in Hanover (the price depends where to ship)

Would you like to borrow the exhibition? Then feel free to write an email and receive further information. We are also happy to help design a supporting program.
Contact person: Jasmin Mittag,

* The borrowers are responsible for transport and insurance of the exhibition.