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about us

Minimalism as a starting point

We are two women from Hanover in Germany who have been brought together by an interest in minimalism as a lifestyle: in 2015 we met at the Minimalism-Stammtisch in Hanover.
There we discuss, among other things, how best to get rid of unneccessary things and what we have already freed ourselves from. At some point we asked ourselves the question: What do we really want to keep? Which of my things do I really like and what adds value to my life? This is how the idea for the project “the one thing” came about.

The question of the “one thing”

We started to ask people all over the world: What is the one thing you don’t want to live without? The answers are fascinating, diverse, surprising and often touching. So far, we have created about 80 photo portraits of people and their most important objects. We hope you enjoy the stories behind the things.

Jasmin & Silja Katharina