the project

In the consumption-based society, we usually have a lot more things than we actually need. The average European has approximately 10,000 things today. Above that we have about three times the space per person that we used to have in the 1950’s and material possessions have become more available.

What do I really need?

“The one thing” is collecting impressions of people’s most important things. We ask you what kinds of belongings are meaningful in your life.
The background, age and professions of the people participating in this project will be quite diverse. One thing that they have in common is that they all feel drawn to topics such as a passionate life, mindful living, conscious consumerism, sustainability or minimalism. Germany-based, we are starting to portray people near us, but our goal is to collect impressions from all over the world.

Photo portraits from all around the world

So far, the project shows f.e. portraits of people in Japan, Colombia, Ukraine, Poland, France and Great Britain. First of all a cooperation with the Cultural Office of the City of Hanover allows us to focus on people of Hanover and its Twin Cities. We are proud to portray people in Leipzig, Poznan, Bristol, Perpignan and Hiroshima and present the portrays in an exhibition in the Town Hall of Hanover in February 2020.